Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I simply cannot believe how my time fly!. My last post was about my favourite cake which I made because I wanted to have a break and now again another updates about Baju Kurung. As for now I never feel bored on updating my blog.

I came across an article in the newspaper about Kurung Pesak Betawi a few weeks ago. It is another version of Baju Kurng which I have not make before. I really wanted to make one for myself. Basically, it looks simple enough. It would have been simple enough if I would have been so optimistic about my size. I have made it much according to what I wanted to. The fabric that I have chosen was two-pieces two metre silk and bright green in colour. The skirt was plain whilst the baju was flowery.

You can read more about Pesak Betawi here:

If you have a 'must have' feeling one of this baju kurung for yourself and wanted me to sew it for you, please do so. Just call me at 012-6100892 for further information.

Here's the baju kurung laying flat on the table and how the side (pesak) looks like.

The side (pesak) of the baju kurung were cut diagonally to get the expand and loose effect when wearing.

Here is the skirt laying on the table looks like. I have to join and sew the top front part of the skirt because two metre not long enough.

Here is the blouse hanging on the wall with the simple neck finishing. After posing in front of the mirror for 10 mins and asking opinion about how I look from my image advisor I can conclude that I like this new design and it makes me look slimmer.


MindHeartBodySoul said...

Dear Kak Kathy,

Its amazing how you manage to cut the pesak diagonally.

Meaning, instead of 4metres, I need to buy 4.5metres to have this cut...

Kain lebih kan, nak ambil potong serong...

I sent baju raya to one of tailor in KL, any how, the effects doesnt look this good...


Kak Khaty said...

Dear MindHeartBodySoul,

Thanks for your remark.

The material used is actually been cut to 2by2 meter. So, as a result to get the diagonal pesak the lenght of the baju is shorter than the normal baju kurung.