Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Famous Baju Kurung

I have completed sewing three baju kurungs for my customers for the past three weeks. Until today, I can spend sometime to do my posting. Let me brief you a little bit about the ordinary baju kurung. Maybe it might trigger you to get one for yourselves. You can always call me or sms me. You can get my hand phone number at the header of this blog.
Basically there are two types of baju kurung. For man we normally call it Baju Melayu (malay dress). I will concentrate on baju kurung for woman only right now.
Baju kurung comprises a long-straight-sleeved loose fitting hollow blouse. Worn over a matching fan sarong. Nowadays, most woman like to wear one complete outfit of the same material. A scarf is worn around the shoulders or around the head crossed loosely at the front of the neck. Scarf is usually made of lace of any soft material that matched. Batik sarong is not usually worn with the Baju Kurung except for very casual wear at home when no attempt is made to match the Baju.
There is no specific material selection to make Baju Kurung rest assured that the more expensive the material the nicer the Baju Kurung will be. You can choose Kain Songket (Ethnic handwoven in silk and metallic threads) to be worn at formal ceremonies and at weddings; silk and floral synthetic materials for formal wear; printed cotton or other synthetic fibres for a casual Baju Kurung or a yardage about 4metres of 45-inch width cloth. It’s all up to you!

You can choose neckline finishing by making a very lovely embroidery called "mata lalat" (housefly eyes); "karipap" (shell shape embroidery); herringbone stitching (tulang belut) or a doreamon (the japanese cartoon character). This is how the "mata lalat" looks like. It takes only about 1hr for me to get it done and I do it in the morning before I start work a the office.
And it’s done. On my way back home from office I will get a lovely button to sew on.

Here you can see the neckline is round with a vertical 4.5" slit at the front. Neckline is finished by compressing a lis/piping all around. Than it is worn with a special single Baju Kurung button which is held in place by loop.
Here is again Zaba wearing the Baju Kurung that I had sew. I managed to snap her foto the other day even with the colour of the scarf not matching. She was sporting enough and that’s why I began to admire her. I hope this particular baju kurung is comfortable and nice for her to wear to office. She has chosen red flowery colour and she admit that she the colour was too red and bright but agree for a change why not!

Zaba, thanks again for letting me to snap foto of yours and also giving me a treat lunch at Mcdonald the other day. I OWE ONE the next time you come to my place!. Seriously.

Zaba with full size foto.

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